Appetite Control: 209 (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology)

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Thereby, the topics are presented from different points of view, not exclusively from that of pharmacology and neuroendocrinology. Thus, the volume addresses all scientists who are interested in the field of obesity research and the pathophysiology of appetite control.

Appetite Control. Age-related changes in swine brain creatine kinase-catalyzed 31P exchange measured in vivo using 31P NMR magnetization transfer. Blood Flow Metab. Coutinho W. The first decade of sibutramine and orlistat: a reappraisal of their expanding roles in the treatment of obesity and associated conditions. Metabolic remodeling in adipocytes promotes ciliary neurotrophic factor-mediated fat loss in obesity. Effects of omega-3 on behavioral and biochemical parameters in rats submitted to chronic mild stress. Brain Dis.

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Incretin-based therapies for obesity treatment. Behavioral changes and mitochondrial dysfunction in a rat model of schizophrenia induced by ketamine. Drucker DJ. The biology of incretin hormones. Saxenda [online]. Differential investigation of the capacity of succinate oxidation in human skeletal muscle.

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Gallwitz, B. Anorexigenic effects of GLP-1 and its analogues. In Handbook of experimental pharmacology: appetite control. Edited by H. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Germany.

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Mental retardation and inborn errors of metabolism. Effects of liraglutide and sibutramine on food intake, palatability, body weight and glucose tolerance in the gubra DIO-rats. Acta Pharmacol. Comparative effects of the long-acting GLP-1 receptor ligands, liraglutide and exendin-4, on food intake and body weight suppression in rats.

Nitric oxide, mitochondria and neurological disease. Hemmer W, Wallimann T.

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Functional aspects of creatine kinase in brain. Holst JJ. The physiology of glucagon-like peptide 1.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The volume Appetite Control provides a Buy Appetite Control (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology ): Read 1 Books Reviews - Appetite Control (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology): The volume 'Appetite Control' provides a comprehensive description of the mechanisms Series: Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (Book ).

Hughes BP. A method for the estimation of serum creatine kinase and its use in comparing creatine kinase and aldolase activity in normal and pathological sera.

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Drugs developed to treat diabetes, liraglutide and lixisenatide, cross the blood brain barrier and enhance neurogenesis. BMC Neurosci. Regulation of oxidative phosphorylation, the mitochondrial membrane potential, and their role in human disease.

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