I Choose the Pain of Discipline Over the Pain of Regret

The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret
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You choose — will it be the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret? One yields a sense of extreme fulfillment, the other, a lingering sense of defeat. We pray for God to heal rather than for help with self discipline to change harmful habits. Throughout Scripture, we see that God disciplines those He loves.

Jim Rohn Sayings and Quotes

We cannot effectively be filled with the Spirit and lack discipline. The message of self-denial is not popular, but it is powerful. Those who say that discipline is legalism are dead wrong. We are called to yield to the Spirit and quench sin — but when we yield to sin we quench the Spirit. Self control is required of leadership.

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  • ‘We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.’ (Jim Rohn)!
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An undisciplined leader is an oxymoron. One of the best ways to learn and exercise self-control is through fasting. Matthew 6.

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The obvious benefit of fasting is spiritual, but the physical aids the process. Can you pray and seek God better with a headache, tight pants, and a very sluggish, lethargic body? Of course not. What you put in the mouth [body] and the mind [soul] affects the spirit — and when you feed the spirit, it affects the body and the soul. The physical affects the spiritual. Much of the healing that I have seen over the years was the result of good stewardship of the body.

With more than 12 million U. You will have regret or disappointment in the dream you never dared pursue.

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Or at least they claim that. I would argue that most of the time this is false. No one has their choice made for them, unless they are in bondage.

The Pain of Discipline vs. The Pain of Regret

Most of the time, what it really comes down to is 1 willingness to sacrifice and 2 fear. What are you willing to sacrifice to be able to pursue your art? Live in a smaller home? Drive an older car? What about time? Do you sacrifice watching TV for hours every evening? Do you sacrifice going out on the town each weekend? A career in art does come with many sacrifices. This is one of the first questions you must ask yourself. Are you willing to make some sacrifices? Are you willing to give up something good for something better? What if you fail? For many, the obstacle is only an excuse hiding the real culprit.

Fear can be crippling. If there was certainty, if there was some sort of assurance that success would follow, the sacrifices are much easier to make. But the reality is, there is no certainty in anything, really. But if you have even a small amount of faith in your abilities as an artist, nurture that faith.

“How can I get disciplined?”

Keith, I love this article and I love the last lines where you mention having a small amount of faith in your abilities However, the Pain of Regret is different. Sacrifice and the Altar of Fortune. Jan 04, AM. Sep 09, AM. Oct 01, AM. She used that mortifying situation at Six Flags to find the inner strength to master the Pain of Discipline.

Decide where you are willing to sacrifice. Pursue your art. Pursue your dream. But you will have sacrifices. And it requires much discipline.

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That way you don't have to go through the pain of discipline and you don't have any regrets or disappointments. I did choose to follow my dream and I agree it does take discipline to commit time to paint regularly, continue to grow and stretch yourself as well as time to do the management and marketing activities be a professional artist. But the rewards are great as well in terms of living a life aligned with your passion and vision where you can contribute to others too.

I left my corporate VP job 10 years ago at the age of 43 and have been a full time artist ever since. I have a free poster on my website with "Top 10 Inspiring Quotes for following your Dreams". It might serve as inspiration for others thinking about making the leap. Available thru ArtistsCareerTraining.

After years of wanting, wishing I was doing my own art work, I determined my only failure would be a failure to try. I have never looked back and although I still wrestle with waves of self doubt from time to time it gets easier to push on through and get to that place where creation, contentment and joy await.

I have no regrets and all sacrifices have been well worth it. Fear is an amazing instrument of destruction. It stops progress, corrupts motives and leads to unhappiness. Not easy to be fearless and pursue the dreams we all possess but if you can just imagine the possibilities. Keith, I love this article and I love the last lines where you mention having a small amount of faith in your abilities That's what I struggle with and I so appreciate your cheering us all on! Keith, I believe you have written to the heart of all our lives -- we are defined by these choices.

To endure the pain of thoughtfully going in a direction, or the regret of being washed along, to whatever end fate decides. Thank you for your insight, and a timely reminder! Keith, I agree with the discipline it is so important, but as far as giving up something I really feel that I have traded up. His premise that self-discipline and regret are both painful experiences that cause human suffering is ludicrous.

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Pick Your Pain: Self-Discipline or Self-Regret – Part 2 But, in some cases – you can choose which pain you'll experience. You can choose. Jim Rohn — 'We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regr.

Keith asks us to select one of only two options - as if the path to pursue art excludes all other life experiences. There is no need to give up anything in pursuit of creating your own art. Any reasonable person pursuing art would should never establish lofty unachievable goals.

Personal pleasure and happiness is generally the norm. Fear is never a factor. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins. Choose to craft your life around creative work that goes up like a tower and out to the world.